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Hard? You kiddin' me? It was like a walk in the park...

Just don't wait till your bow is tightened - keep clicking, you will kill much faster that way.

Anyway, good game.

3d, he?

I'll give you a 7, just because you actually made 3d game in flash!

But why should I play Doom II-like game in flash, while I can play Doom III?
Flash was made for 2d graphics, please, stick with it! I'm sure, the same game with same concept, in good 2d, would be 100 times better than this one.

And if you want to make 3d game, use Half-life 2 engine, or something...

popopt responds:

I did look into the unity engine - it has native 3d for the web - but in the end i wanted to reach as many people as possible and flaah has always had the reach and the bug-free-i-ness im looking for. Ill definitely keep working to improve the 3d though - i think you'll see more and more of it in flash as time goes on


This game was bad not because it's some kind of an untraditional, experimental game.
This game was bad because all jokes were lame....

Not funny at all... lame... yeah, and I have a good sense of humor - guy at lvl 37 was right - screw this game! 37 levels of you just falling down isn't fun at all.

I'll give you 4 for an original concept - but next time find some jokes that are actually funny, and you will have an amusing game.

Very original

Very good puzzle game, physics were predictable and realistic.

I think the best aspect of this game, because of it's "complexity" (you can cut anywhere you want, giving you infinite amount of possible actions) it was a multiple solution game. So you can solve it your own way. (not on all levels though). And it's not just random cutting, until you get the solution - you have to think before you act, and then you can begging trial and error process to execute what you had in mind.
I figured all of them.

But I would like to see more complex, multiple solution, levels in the future.
Maybe a puzzle editor? So you can make your own puzzles and share it with others. (like in Draw III)

Anyway, awesome puzzle game. I want more.

As usual...

What I hate about point and click games, is that only way to solve the puzzle are clicking at random, until you get what you "need".
Most of the time I was just clicking, having no idea what the demon wanted to do!
I'm sure it seems pretty logical to you, because you made the game, but different people think in the different ways.

A game like this requires "multiple-solutions". Like somebody already mentioned - why can't you just use the knife to kill the dog? Or the power cord to strangle the reincarny to death???

Otherwise very nice drawings and voices.

LiLg responds:

Yeah. I'll have to explain more of the demons powers in the earth realm in the next one. Don't worry... i have a plan for this series :) A lot of the questions you guys have will be answered in Reincarnation 2 which i'm starting production on November 3rd and hopefully be out by Christmas which will be my gift to everyone who played this one :)


Why can't you have checkpoint every level? I mean, I'm a casual gamer, and don't want to replay the same levels 10 times... this made me quit after level 21 check point.
Also, for some reason bombs are more effective against air, than ground.
And I think it should have a story line, not just random missions.

Otherwise an awesome game.

Not that good, actually...

stick men - we've all seen it billion times. It's easy just to draw few stick characters - it's original at first, but after 10 games it gets really boring and distasteful.
has a huge lag problem (not really a lag, but it gets very slow if there is "lots" of action), ruins the action spirit of the game, though graphics where not impressive at all and you rarely fight with more than 1 enemy (which also lame) - so I don't see any reason why it should be slow.
Only 1 type of monsters... stick men.... boring... There are different kinds of weapons, but they are all pretty much the same. Just different colors, and slightly higher damage. Bosses were just disappointing (lame and weak)
I mean, if I gave Thing Thing 10, this doesn't deserve a high score.

I'm not saying it's worthless, but certainly overrated and not perfect at all - still needs lot's of polishing etc.

Very good

Only problem with this game, that you can not beat it. It just keeps going on forever.
OR you can't reach the level, where it gets so hard, that it kills you.
Once you have the pistols, it's just way to easy, and clones keep coming at the same rate, so you can play it forever, until you get bored of it.

So I guess it has to have
a) a goal
OR/AND (different modes, maybe?)
b)raising difficulty, while now it's get only easier.

More weapons would be cool also.

Otherwise very good game. Explosions were great.

Very good...

Very good concept - just running away, at insane speeds, listening to hard tekno music.

But it does need improvements, so it won't be a 10 :).
I would improve graphics, make more attractive.
Add more and better power ups.
Maybe make a way to get rid of the shooting guy, for a period of time (you kill him, but he comes always comes back)
At higher speeds, the stun rocket is just an instant kill - this sucks.
Leave music as it is.

Also, it would be nice to have different levels, with different back grounds. And be able to play arcade mode, with x amount of levels to beat or survival mode.

Anyway - great job, I'll be waiting for the sequel.

Few suggestions...

I think it's a very cool game, animation and drawings are perfect, couldn't be better.
Physics are also very predictable, which is good. Concept is very cool also.

In the sequel, I would add additional pencil colors, with different bonuses (e.g. yellow: regular speed, red: faster, blue: slower)... and expand the whole gameplay a bit. But don't make it any harder - it's good as it is. I had 30 000 points, and made him happy.
+ a hall of fame (room in the umbrella man house), where you could see your achievements.

Also, restarting the game takes to long...

But all in all - great job! Kept me playing 20 times or so...

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